Drum heads for the masses....

Great drums can only sound as good as their heads. The drum head is most signifficant in shaping the sound of the drums, but usually manufacturers use generic heads, and leave this important possibility to influence the instrument to others. As our sound concept differs diametrical from most other drum manufacturers who usually strive for making the loudest drum, we offer a range of drum heads. 

A quick overview: Heritage heads are single ply heads which have, due to a unique laminating, less attack and overtones and produce a warm, well defined sound, perfect especially for rooms that already sound bright and noisy. Due to the lamination these heads can be played with brushes too.

Should the drums sound more open, the single ply SP Classic are your weapon of choice. They produce more overtones, are a bit more sensible, have a huge tuning range and, coated, are perfect for brushes too. 

For the heavy drummer who wants more punch, the dual ply DP Classic are your choice. They have less overtones, are esy to tune, keep tuning well, and.offer a good extra portion of punch and attack. Due to the little overtones, they are an excellent choice for live gigs and often need no or only little extra dampening. And if adrenaline kicks in, don't worry, this head will stand your beating!

Adoro Heritage®

A special lamination takes the else typical attack of the mylar head, for a full, warm sound; standard head on the worship series.

Adoro SP Classic®

Single ply mylar head (0.250mm). The SP Classic® have a very open, transparent sound (coated: a bit less overtones). Can be used as batter and resonance head. 

SP Classic (Coated) are standard heads on all Adoro snare drums, except for those of the Worship Series.

Adoro DP Classic®

Double ply mylar head. The DP Classic® is an extreme durable head with more punch, well defined fundamental tone and less overtones.  

DP Classic (Clear) are standard heads on the toms of the City Lights and Student series.

Adoro Resonance®

Single ply transparent mylar resonance head (0.075mm). Standard resonance head on all Adoro snare drums. Can also be used as tom resonance head. 



Adoro Symphonie by LITIK

Real calf heads by LITIK, pre-tucked and ready to play. Due to the warm and tonal sound of these heads they are the first choice for bright sounding locations. Available in white (batter head) and transparent (thinner, sensitive reso head)

Adoro Heritage® BD

BD front head with Adoro logo
Single ply mylar head, coated, 
with Muffler

Adoro SP Classic® Black BD
Single ply mylar head, black, 
with muffler, logo (L) optional

Adoro SP Classic®Coated BD
Single ply mylar head, white coated,
with muffler

Adoro SP Classic® Clear BD
Single ply mylar head, transparent
with muffler

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Customize it!

Band logo, name or event printed on the front head? No problem, we customize your front head. Don‘t be shy, just ask for it!

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